Mass Spectrometry Laboratory

Merging Dr. Gundry's love of music and mass spectrometry,
each instrument bears the last name of an influential musical artist.



Thermo Q Exactive Hybrid Quadrupole-Orbitrap

The major workhorse in the laboratory for the analysis of peptides, proteins, lipids, and small molecules. Major applications include identification, quantitation, and top down proteomics.



Thermo LTQ Linear Ion Trap

Most commonly used for quick surveys of simple mixtures, recombinant proteins, and sample quality checks. Also, used for demonstrations and teaching in our MS course.



Thermo Focus DSQGas Chromatography Single Quadrupole

Most commonly used for analysis of known lipids and small molecules. Also, used for demonstrations and teaching in our MS course.


Shimadzu Perfinity Workstation

This multi-dimensional digital chromatography workstation enables semi-to-fully automated preparation of proteomic samples for mass spectrometry. Generate MS-friendly peptides from cell lysate or serum in under 30 minutes.


Column Packing Station

We routinely pack our own trap and analytical columns for MS. The Sutter P-2000 laser micropipette puller can be used to create spray tips from bulk fused silica tubing.